Getting Old {ish} With Jennifer

This week is another edition of Getting Old {ish} With Jennifer. Today we try to decide if Jennifer is a adult or an imposter with training wheels still on. (spoiler alert; Magic 8 Ball says “Not Likely”

Cinema {ish} With Jennifer

Dear Readers of the {ish} Adventure, I have a confession to make. Are you sitting down? I, Jennifer Lynne Shidler have never seen the movie E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Snow White, Citizen Kane or 85 of the other movies listed on AFI’s 100 GREATEST AMERICAN FILMS OF ALL TIME list. I’ll give you some time toContinue reading “Cinema {ish} With Jennifer”

Getting Old {ish} With Jennifer

5 Things 20 something Jennifer could do, that 30 something Jennifer can’t (shouldn’t) do.  Pizza after 5 pm. College freshman Jennifer would have A 5$ large pizza from Papa John’s delivered to Blumberg hall at 1 am to aid an all night study session (oh hey there freshman 15 50, how you doin’). 30 yearContinue reading “Getting Old {ish} With Jennifer”

Skin Care {ish} With Jennifer

Previously on the {ish} Adventures, I wrote a polite yet firm letter of dissatisfaction to the infamous Sun. (read it HERE) No no, Not this Sun, Not this one either! (Who could write a letter of dissatisfaction to Sonny Bono?!) I’m talking about the big fire-ball in the sky that makes it impossible to sleepContinue reading “Skin Care {ish} With Jennifer”