“Don’t Worry, I Found it on Craigslist…”

It started like most other internet adventures begin..I was bored, it was cold/rainy outside, and the people or things I generally “stalk” (just to be clear, see this article here to see if you are an official Facebook stalker, I ‘think’ I passed lol)  on Facebook were apparently living non-virtual lives at the time (ugh).Continue reading ““Don’t Worry, I Found it on Craigslist…””

A New Year…A Newish Me!

I mentioned in my last blog that I would come up with a list of my “resolutions” for the 2013 year and that is exactly what this weeks blog is going to cover. These resolutions, while they may seem silly, are genuine and are ones that I spent a lot of time thinking and prayingContinue reading “A New Year…A Newish Me!”

The Who What Where When Why of About That!

A new year usually means new beginnings, resolutions made, resolutions broken, and a rush to get ones tax return check back as soon as possible! I do plan to have a post about my amazing resolutions as soon as I find out which ones made it past the first few weeks and which ones bitContinue reading “The Who What Where When Why of About That!”