Blogging 101 states that in order to pull people into your profile you need to have swanky & catchy titles of your blog posts! If the colorful alliteration of “pimping, plump, profile” does not work, then I have failed you as an armature/novice blogger!  Any who, the theme of today’s blog is nostalgia. ParticularlyContinue reading “PIMPING A NOT SO PLUMP PROFILE”

The Courting Rituals of Man and Cable Company

  The time had finally come! Matthew and I have been in Texas for over 6 months, and while in my last post I spoke of the amzingness that is Telemundo, who are we kidding, we miss our regularly scheduled programming….in English. As we began the selection process, I could not help but think thatContinue reading “The Courting Rituals of Man and Cable Company”

When in Texas, Do as the Texans…

You had to know that with a blog tagline of “A Hoosier at heart, living in the heart of Texas” there had to be at least one post (or many) about the statistical and social differences between the great state of Texas and the Great(er) state of Indiana. First some fun facts about the stateContinue reading “When in Texas, Do as the Texans…”