How not to be a cat lady; Advice from a self-proclaimed cat lady

Have you ever been wrongly accused of being a cat lady? Have you ever wondered how you can effectively share the love of your cats with others without fitting in to the harsh social terms associated with the awesomeness that is keeper of the cats? Have no fear, Jennifer, the self-proclaimed cat lady is hereContinue reading “How not to be a cat lady; Advice from a self-proclaimed cat lady”

No thank you, I’m just looking!

Why i dislike shopping in a place in which the people working there are paid mostly on commission ( and yes i realize the irony in the fact that this is currently how i make a living) Whether it is clothes (though I rarely shop in clothing stores that work on commission and prolly forContinue reading “No thank you, I’m just looking!”

How not to bake a cake..iphone style!

Inspired by the impending launch of the iphone 5, i thought it would be cute to bake an iphone themed cake to bring to work to share with my coworkers. How hard could it be i figured..a cake pan is already the general shape of the iphone, slap some white icing on the side, blackContinue reading “How not to bake a cake..iphone style!”